Official STARS Gear

Buy authentic STARS jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, fleece and other sports items:

All players are required to purchase the following uniform items:

1. Racerback Jersey (online from

2. Cutback Kilt (online from

3. Reversible Pinnie (order form attached)

STARS Personalized SCOUT Backpack


Scout has once again designed a STARS backpack just for our club! You can order your backpack here: SCOUT STARS BACKPACK.

Backpacks are OPTIONAL.

NOTE: SCOUT Backpacks are currently OUT of STOCK. 

 ALL spirit wear is OPTIONAL.

STARS Boathouse Jackets


Boathouse Jackets: The Stars Boathouse jacket is a full zip jacket with a concealed hood, weatherblock lining (for cold fall games), and the last name embroidered on it.  Families are NOT required to purchase. If issues please Contact Aimee Dunn regarding Boathouse Jackets at

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