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Common Questions About Stars


We at Stars know that you have many options in choosing a lacrosse club team.  We believe in our program and know you may have questions regarding the program and how it is run.  In an effort to provide you with additional information, we have answered some common questions about the program.


Who founded Stars and Why?

Stars was founded by Kathy Jenkins and Kristin Burkhalter.


“We started Stars lacrosse so that we could build a strong lacrosse skill foundation and have the girls understand how the game should be played at both the defensive and offensive end.  We wanted a well rounded middle school program that allowed the girls to play other sports.  Over the last few years, the game has exploded and more and more girls want to have a stick in their hand year round. We are trying to add more practices and opportunities so the girls can improve and gain the confidence needed to be successful.”
Kathy Jenkins, Co-Founder of Stars Lacrosse


What is the goal of the Stars Lacrosse Club?

Stars aims to provide a positive atmosphere devoted to developing accomplished players by building strong stick skills, strong fundamentals and developing a well-rounded athlete.  We put a high priority on athleticism and coachability in our girls. Our coaches have a strong lacrosse background and have the ability to help your daughter be the best that she can be. We want our players to not only be great athletes but great teammates.   


Does Stars Lacrosse conflict with school sports or recreational lacrosse in the Spring?

We encourage the girls to play other sports.  If there is a conflict with a school sport, their school commitment comes first. We now offer a spring league for all 6th thru 8th graders. Having fun and playing with your friends is a great way to develop confidence and the love of the game.


Who will be coaching the Stars Team?

Stars aims to provide three coaches per team who have played the sport and love working with middle school girls.  Many of our coaches have played lacrosse in college and have coached at the youth, middle school, high school and college level.  In some cases, there may be a coach assigned to a team who is a parent.  We aim to provide consistency for the girls especially since our program runs all year.  A Stars Director is present at most practices and tournaments and we strive to know each player in the program. We plan to have two coaches per team at all tournaments.


Do you have two teams per grade?

From the fifth grade and up we provide two teams per age group. At the third and fourth grade level, if we have enough players there will be two teams. We split the players up to provide opportunities for the players to develop and learn the game at their appropriate skill level. Players will be placed on the blue team very competitive or the black team competitive and will remain on the same team for the full year.  We try to reassess and give every player equal opportunity.


Can players play up a grade level in Stars?

Players play with their respective age group and compete with their grade year. There have been a couple exceptions made when there is no goalie in the grade.


Do you make cuts and how many players are taken for each team?

We do make cuts.  We try to carry teams of 20-22.    


Do you have goalie training?

During our practices we have the goalies work specifically with goalie coaches.  We really want to develop our goalies and provide them with as many opportunities to develop as possible.  


How is playing time determined?  

At Stars, we aim to have all girls play at least half a game. Practice attendance is required if the girls want to play well as a team. If a player is continually absent from practices she may miss a rotation of her playing time in the next tournament. If teams compete in an advancing tournament, all players may not get equal playing time.   


What is the commitment of Stars Lacrosse?

Stars Lacrosse runs throughout the year: from late August-December for the fall season, clinic offerings in the winter, and March-July for teams participating in the spring league. Our summer season ends in mid-July, with the eighth grade attending the Vail Shootout at the end of June.


*Our fifth-grade team practices and competes in the Fall and Summer.  The fifth-grade team will start up practices in the late Spring to allow players time to play recreational lacrosse.  The  Club participants are expected to make all practices and tournaments. Please let your coach know if you have to miss a practice or a tournament.


How many tournaments do you attend in the Fall and Summer?

We attend three to four tournaments and a playday in the fall and three to four tournaments in the summer.  We try to send our teams to the most competitive tournaments and some teams may travel to New Jersey, while others will be in the Maryland area. The eighth-grade teams will play in the Vail Shootout.  This summer - Stars is considering taking a team to England to play at a festival at the World Cup.  This trip will be considered optional.


What is the Spring League?

Stars has participated in the Spring Club League (6th grade and up) and much of our membership has wanted this opportunity for its players to be able to play top club teams during the springtime.  Teams will compete in eight games starting mid-March-May in the Baltimore area. We will be participating in the National Girls Lacrosse League this spring.


Are other opportunities to play beyond the season?  

Many of our teams play in an optional indoor league in the winter and participate in clinics and training sessions throughout the year.


Where do you hold practices?

Stars practices are primarily held at The St. James. We also hold practices at St. Stephens St. Agnes, Episcopal High School, and GMU

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