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Happy New Year!

Hi Stars Coaches & Families!

Happy New Year!

Heading into the New Year, for the most part for me, has always been a time to reflect, reevaluate, reset, and refocus in certain areas of my life. For over 16 years that was mostly tailored to the college team I was either competing with or coaching. New year, new team, new goals, new opportunity, it was refreshing, a clean slate. 

These same habits are still with me even being part of the game in a different fashion. To take the time to reflect on what was or has been to envisision what will become, personally or professionally has enabled me to elevate my vision and raise the bar. Being in a new environment naturally causes growth and if open to it, development soon follows. Growth and development are two important pieces that I hope will always be with me. 

With that, I am excited to work on and be better this season for all of you. Whether that be on field coaching, or off, mentoring, bringing in different events and opportunities for this program, etc.

Thanks for all you do! If you ever need anything from me, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Let's bring on the Jordan Year :)


Coach Kristen 

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